About Precious Lifesciences

DR. Panda did pharmacy from Andhra University in 1975 and started his professional career as manufacturing chemist in RALLIS INDIA LIMITED. Mumbai. Later on worked as marketing executive in CADILA LAB & SUHRID GEIGY LIMETED only to attain a different altitude accepting very challenging and rewarding career all together. His achievement in that era was viewed as a pillar of success and forced many others to follow this profession. Not to confine himself in one direction, he explores his expertise in the field of education by becoming a lecturer of pharmacy in the prestigious VSS MEDICAL COLLEGE. His foray into the DRUGS CONTROL administration happened in the year 1979 and he was then appointed as DRUGS INSPECTOR under the control of GOVT. He then never looked back and achieved many laurels under his belt to be elevated as Asst. DRUGS CONTROLLER and finally hang his boot after becoming DEPUTY DRUGS CONTROLLER. His long, illustrious career was headed by many responsibilities including head of STATE DRUGS TESTING AND RESEARCH LAB,,, CHEMICAL EXAMINER OF REVENUE & EXCISE DEPT,,, WORKED AS A MEMBER SECRETARY AND CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATION OF STATE BOARD OF PHARMACY to name a few of his feet of achievements. He was always regarded as man of commitment to duty and thereby also notified for the very important ENFORCEMENT OF CHAPTER IV-A OF DRUGS AND COSMETICS ACT. 1940 RELATING TO AYURVEDIC DRUGS REGISTERED IN STATE BOARD OF AYURVEDIC MEDICINE. Presently he is a life member of Indian pharmaceutical association and VICE PRESIDENT of the state branch.

His in depth knowledge in branches of pharmaceutical field i.e. mfg., marketing, drugs testing, academics, enforcement & administrations, makes him a man in million. His simplicity and hunger to serve the society has always dragged him to social work, Senior active in ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.